With a rather non specific #message Pres. #Buhari #celebrates International Youth Day #IYD2020 | Oby Oriji Blog

With a rather non specific #message Pres. #Buhari #celebrates International Youth Day #IYD2020


Don’t just post a picture of buffet eating young adults and and an awkwardly standing President, then a very short message about 75 billion naira for youths to access without information on who holds the money or how it can be accessed . The catchy thing about the whole post was the money mentioned.

These individuals look like hormone raging secondary school leavers who were gathered because of their family background (influential), and then a non mask wearing President who is standing behind rather suspiciously awkward.

The obviously omissions to the caption of that post made on President Buhari’s handle on Instagram, were done intentionally, as usual. 75 billion naira where? #Story it will only go to the Northern Muslims and we just read about it and move on as usual.

PS That’s a weird looking pile of Nigerian youths. Are they from Zambian or Uganda? just saying

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