#Stars lend their Voices to the devastatingly #Famous #market of #ChildTrafficking in the #US | Oby Oriji Blog
Child sexual abuse

#Stars lend their Voices to the devastatingly #Famous #market of #ChildTrafficking in the #US

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No, shit. Sex Trafficking and pedophilia are arguably the worst evils out in the world affecting every race, creed and religion. There’s no way to debate it. And the only way to truly shake the industry is to curb the demand. Like the drug industry: we spent a trillion dollars on the war on drugs and it didn’t do shit. So how do you curb the demand? One way is to figure out a way for the power hungry to stop praying on the weak. Then we get into every problem we have, especially in this country: defining what is weak and what is strong. COVID is real and didn’t start in this country. We were one of the last to deal with it. We worried more about what someone was telling us to do (as we obey every other law we are told to obey) than what is the most responsible road to take during this time. “Well, the flu kills more people!” Yes, but this is extra so respect the fact that not everybody is as resilient as you are and suck it up for somebody other than yourself for the short while that we have to soldier through this. This isn’t about your really healthy Californian ass. This about the averaging of everybody. If you’re going to be so adamant to not follow one rule why the fuck are you following all the rest of them? More dumbshit mathematics. And back to Sex Trafficking, the ALL CHILD LIVES MATTER: stop posting pics of children emojis over your naked body then post about the symbolism of Disney. It looks like a distraction and it just makes you look creepy. If you don’t have children, be part of the village that protects the kids by working with them. Do your small part. Coach a team, read a story, even if it has to be on zoom. Instill support and confidence and direction because neglect is the number one vulnerability to child sex trafficking. Half the children pulled into it are already on the street. I have children. They mean everything to me. Be a good parent. Look at who is speaking to you about children. If they have a good history with children, listen to them. Listen to people who have a history of caring for humanity, a proven history of care of some sort. Solution. You can never stop drugs from being made but you can stop the demand for them.

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