#Nigerians baffled as Mother #Looter Ex- Petroleum Minister #Diezani preaches to #Youths from her hide out to stop #Internetfraud | Oby Oriji Blog

#Nigerians baffled as #Diezani who looted the Country’s fund preaches to #Youths from her hideout to be hardworking


The guys this woman has can last a Country of 3 million citizens enough for a year. you mean to tell me that this former Minister who has not been able to come back to Nigeria due to the amount of money she stole from the country, who has been in the UK claiming to be sick with some form of cancer so she can avoid the Nigerian government, went ahead to run to another country so that the UK government won’t extradite her back to Nigeria when they find out she had been faking the sickness, is now the same person advising Nigerian youths to shun internet fraud and quick money mindset, but instead work hard to earn a living? The guts this woman has though.. Wonders shall never end.

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