A #planecrash in #India has left Atleast 18 people #dead and many seriously #injured | Oby Oriji Blog

A #planecrash in #India has left Atleast 18 people #dead and many seriously #injured


A sad occurrence has left India in mourning after atleast 18 people lost their lives as a plane crash landed at an Airport in Kerala, India. This is following the series of battles waged by the country against the global pandemic Covid19, a mourning by Lebanon, and now India. While the casualties of this crash is considered not worse yet, seeing that all passengers on the plane didn’t lose their lives.

The Air India Express plane 190 people on board and split in tow after it skidded off the runway in heavy rain. The flight was said to have been repatriating Indians stranded by the Coronavirus pandemic. Two pilots were said to be among those who lost their lives. may God intervene in these series of mayhem witnessed by the world at this time.

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