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My Boss was not arrested but invited to answer questions πŸ™„ – Magu’s P.A


When you are trying to savage the little that is left in the tarnished image of a man who was once seen as a symbol of purity and judgement, in case he gets his way out of his current situation as usual, and resumes as the same Boss in judging other people’s corrupt practices when he is infact deeply involved in it himself.

It is clear that the P.A of Magu is trying to secure his job with EFCC seeing that Nigeria is a country of unexplained proceeds, it is however very likely that this too shall pass and Magu will find his way home.

Magu whether invited, arrested, swooped off, or even preciously carried away is said to have been involved in a corrupt practice, where he has properties that are not legitimately gotten and using them to transfer stolen, looted and illegally obtained to foreign accounts.

Something this embarrassing can only come from Nigeria. You constantly punish, arrest and ensure persecution of fraudsters meanwhile you are a fraudster yourself?

I have heard people say when they take their problems to EFCC, they are outrageously charged. Those who are arrested get their money a ND everything else confiscated but them and they dare not ask for them back. Now after all these years, it is clear that this guy’s have amassed wealth that they have come to get use to through getting their fingers stained. Everyday is for the thief but one day for the owner. Hopefully this will not end like other investigation. We know what you people are up to.

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