In the Season of Kindness and Love, #Dubai #CrownPrince pays bill of #Nigerian Mother of #Quadruplets stranded in the #hospital | Oby Oriji Blog

In the Season of Kindness and Love, #Dubai #CrownPrince pays bill of #Nigerian Mother of #Quadruplets stranded in the #hospital


Let just say that the Good Fortune of life have really shine down on this lucky couple. After finding out that they couldn’t foot the bill for the delivery of their Quadruplets, a Nigerian couple planned their trip back to Nigeria to avoid stories that touch, only for them to be held back by delays and Covid19 travel restrictions.

Now a day turned into a week and a week into a month, many months and then the pregnant lady found herself having to deliver her kids in Dubai without the availability of funds.

They were stranded in the hospital since they can’t foot the bills, and coupled with that image/reputation dent that Hushpuppi and his crew brought upon every Nigerian especially those in Dubai, the couple held back by the non charitable hospital.

In the Spirit of love, light and generosity to your fellow humans, the famously kind Crown prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum decided to pay the bill. That one will not even shake the uncle’s bank account at all. Thank you to this Crown Prince, may you reign supreme..

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Relief has come the way of a Nigerian mother, Suliyat Tijani and her quadruplets stranded in hospital after the Dubai Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum paid their hospital bills. Channels Television had on July 19th reported that Suliyat, 29, had planned to return to Nigeria for delivery since she and her husband, Tijani Adigun Shakiru could not afford doing so in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) But travel restrictions occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic, left Suliyat, an Oyo State indigene, and her husband with no choice than to do so in the Arab nation. She was to later gave birth to quadruplets, two days before her planned return to Nigeria. Since Suliyat and her family had no medical insurance, having racked up about $108,000 (400,000 AED) in medical expenses since the birth (prematurely) of the two boys and two girls, they went on soliciting for help. Community Support Although the Nigerian community in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) rallied around and paid part of the bills ($11,500), the Dubai Crown Prince stepped in to foot the medical expenses after their story went viral. Local radio stations in Dubai and the CNN said the Latifa Hospital for Women and Children where the babies were born through an emergency C-section confirmed the Crown Prince’s gesture. The quadruplets were placed on ventilators at the neonatal intensive care unit, are doing well and will soon be ready to go home, the hospital explained. Her husband, Shakiru, obviously elated by the Prince’s magnanimity, described it as a huge favour, admitting that payment of the medical bills gave him sleepless nights. As a sign of gratitude to the Dubai royal family, the chef told local media Khaleej Times that three of the babies will be named Hamdan, Mohammed and Lathifa.

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