#Fit and #Muscular 70 year old Charlie Boy releases video of his #Obituary


Since death snatches away the opportunity to experience the reactions and saying at a funeral for a dead person, 70 year old Charlie Boy aka Areafada is holding his while he is yet alive, well, healthy and hunky.

He is wondering what people will say about his life here on earth after he transitions. He is not your usual everyday guy, so if you are reading this with a wth!! face, then it is clear that you are indeed unfamiliar with the one and only Nigerian Legendary Charlie Boy. He thinks without the confines of a box. He allows his imagination takes him as far as it possibly can.

While the uptight people are stopping dead everyday, this free thinking and free spirited man who just celebrated his 70th birthday is still strong and thinking on, and that gives me the right direction to life. Don’t be too serious.

And he made a valid point in the midst of all these. “Thinking about your Obituary wouldn’t kill you” So true.

Oby Oriji

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