#Dramatic #Corruption : #NDDC MD #DanielPondei takes a slump during intense interrogated by House of Reps. Members | Oby Oriji Blog

#Dramatic #Corruption : #NDDC MD #DanielPondei takes a slump during intense interrogated by House of Reps. Members


Do you know what the word funny means? We’ll watch this video and understand the actually definition of the word. While you have dug your hands into the national treasure and funds placed under your care, thinking you won’t be caught or held accountable for it, only to realize that you have been summoned by the house of representative to give account of the money you have so selfishly squandered out of the usual Nigerian pandemic Called ” The intense case of Corruption”.

You show up for the interrogation hoping that someone somehow will not be transparent enough to ask you questions that you have nothing to answer. But then when you show up, they got you with the questions you didn’t want to hear, and now you are left with no other option than to fake a faint/slump/collapse. Let’s all take a short laugh together Dear Nigerians and all those who are not Nigerians.

He won’t be the first or the last man to assume that faking a health issue will help him escape from the wrath of the law. Funny Man. That Uncle is as healthy as a Horse, but trust him to have a Doctor at his disposal to back up this show of shame with a medical report. If I get a dollar for Everytime a Nigerian public figure tries this tactics to get out of punishment.

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. . Acting Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission, Daniel Pondei, appeared to faint as the House of Representatives committee on NDDC grilled him on Monday. The committee is in its fourth day of public hearing as it investigates alleged financial misappropriation at the agency. Pondei had been grilled for over an hour and when he slowly slumped over his desk, appearing too faint. Once he was spotted, several people present at the hearing rushed to his aid, propping him up and attempting to stabilise him, with the proceedings halted. He then appeared to be in a seizure with a man, holding open his mouth as others held him upright. After he appeared to regain and lose composure intermittently, he was moved out of the session. The development led to a brief discussion about the next step to take. A move to have the session adjourned was shouted before the Deputy Chairman of the Committee called for a 30-minute recess. Lawmakers investigating corruption allegations in the NDDC had on Friday summoned Pondei and the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio, to appear before them today (Monday) as the country sought to understand how budgetary allocations to the agency had been spent. The controversy had seen strong allegations of corruption traded between the Minister and the former MD of the NDDC, Joi Nunei, who appeared before the lawmakers via Zoom on Friday. Credit: Channelstv

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And wht will the law maker heading the interrogation decide to step down? Was he threatened? was he reminded of something he had done that will be put out if he didn’t end his bid to continue with the interrogation and investigation? Was he bribed? Is he gaining from the corruption surrounding this case? should people and their backgrounds be checked gotta before putting them in charge of judging their corrupt lawmakers to avoid issues like this ? We have questions Nigerians.

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