Actress #Beverleymitchell and #husband welcome third child and reveals #baby's #complication | Oby Oriji Blog

Actress #Beverleymitchell and #husband welcome third child and reveals #baby’s #complication

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#tbt to one of our scariest moments. I am not a worrier, and actually motherhood has settled me and I am usually pretty levelheaded. I don’t panic, I act. But last week had me rattled, @littlemissmayzie had a spike in her heart rate on her @owletcare monitor overnight, then the next day she was out of it, not wanting to eat, very sleepy, barely awake, and her eyes would not focus and fully glasses over. Then add a slight fever and I was a mess. (Ps did you know that 100.4 is a fever for a newborn and warrants a trip to the ER) Being fearful of COVID we were concerned about going to the ER. After a few phone calls with my angel friends, we decided to jump in the car and head to @childrensla They were so amazing and we got an EKG and all the blood work and everything came back fine. I do not regret going to the ER, I was grateful to find that she was given a clean bill of health and honestly gave me a chance to breathe. That helplessness and fear was crippling and being unable to figure out what was wrong made me feel powerless. Allowing myself to rely on others is hard for me, I don’t ask for help, I just handle it, but this experience humbled me. It reminded me that I DO have a tribe, people who are willing to help, that I am not alone! This is always hard for me. I am happy to say that Mayzel is much improved and we think she just had a little bug! But that being said we are so grateful for the incredible drs and nurses at @childrensla for taking such good care of us. The biggest takeaway is that as we parents we need to trust our instincts and to lean on people when needed and don’t be afraid to get help!! And I couldn’t be more grateful for my ROCK, Michael you hold me together and I couldn’t do this life without you! I love you babe, you are the best daddy ever!! #momlife #newborn #tribe #scare #littlewarrior

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