#ShaneDawson, #Nikkilimo and #Stevengreen seen mocking the death of #TrayvonMartin on their show


Comedienne Jess hilarious while calling out black people who intentionally get into an argument with white people just to have them react either aggressively or racist so they can record the act and send to social media to tag those people racists.

Jess has also shared the video of a YouTube video where Shane Dawson was mocking the death of Trayvon Martins who was horribly killed. Though the individuals Nikkilimo and Steve green on their Instagram have been supporting the #balcklivesmatter movement, only for them to laugh and enjoy the show while this man talked demeaning and insensitively about the gruesome killing of a young boy.

I’m not sure how the back community will react to this, but I hope they will be reasoning in their anger because this is clearly upsetting and a show of their insincerity because you are supporting #blacklivesmatter to protect your businesses and still have their patronage and attention on your businesses and keep taking the black people’s money while pretending to care about their plight on your social media pages. That is deceit and horrible.

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