#Covid19 : Kogi State Chief Judge #NasirAjanah dies at Abuja Isolation Centre


Where are the people still saying that the Government is using the Covid19 cases to collect and squander funds. People are now identifying individuals they know on a one on one relationship, who have either caught the virus or dead from it. Stay safe and don’t be a statistics. This is real.

The government of the world are torn between safe guarding lives and upholding the economy. These things are paramount to every country. So what is being done is to let people go about their daily hustle and work, hoping they will be responsible enough to look after their own safety. But with the rate of doubting Thomases on the streets of Lagos State, it is clear that the virus has more than enough people to come in contact with, because no one is bothered about masks any longer and it is scary to witness. These people are submitting themselves voluntarily due to doubt, to be used by Coronavirus as vessels to transfer. Be wise and be safe.

Oby Oriji

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