A disturbing Pre-wedding shoot from Northern Nigeria sparks outrage on #Instagram


Apparently this is normal to the Northern Nigerians. They love nothing more than to have a minor handed over to an adult in the name of marriage. Pedophiles disguised as husbands. This has been the very reason why the disturbing rate of VVF in Northern hospitals keeps skyrocketing.

A grown man will have sex with a minor so much that she will lose control of her Vagina muscles and can’t control the passage of urine, so they are always wetting themselves and smelling of urine. This is a typical case in the Northern part of Nigeria and it has no distinct cure.

They (Northern Nigerians) believe to get a Virgin (which they happen to be obsessed with), you have to dig for the youngest of females to find her and then you Marry her. This little girl is not even tall enough to get to his lunatic’s chest. A man this tall and grown will apparently have sex with this little girl while telling himself that what he is doing is justified since she is his wife?

People are reacting and cursing out this man and the man that gave out the girl in marriage. This is definitely going to be another added statistics that will be attended VVF class soon, adding to the already high number of VVF patients in the north. How old do you think this girl is in all honesty? 10? 11? 9? Such a pedophilic arrangement made to seem normal and appropriate by family members.

What does this girl have to offer in a marriage at her age to this psycho, other than him enjoying the inhumane act of forcing his manhood into her premature body all day long while she bears the pain and agony, since she has probably been taught by her mother never to complain or speak up to her Husband or even say “No”. This girl has not hit puberty yet. She has been breast on her chest, and that makes her a typical child. These hausas will keep doing the most disgusting things and justifying it with culture and religion while increasing the already starving population of the part of Nigeria.

Always waiting for hand outs from philanthropist while they go back at night to have sex and multiply. The are always waiting on Government and Bill Gate to send them money since they basically live on their day to day earnings.

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