16 year old white girl who stabbed classmate to death is to be tried as an Adult Black Adult


The kind of news that springs up from Trump land on a daily is just šŸ¤¦šŸ¾ā€ā™€ļø. So due to the extreme and violent nature of the crime which according to them can only be carried out by a black adult, Hannah will therefore be viewed henceforth as a Black Adult. #Trumpland decisions indeed

Hannah Stevenson a 16 year old girl from Detroit was accused of stabbing her classmate to death with a screw driver last month, is said to be receiving the harshest possible sentencing after the judge declared that the teenager will be tried as an adult due to the extreme and violent nature of the crime.

Does it mean that this young girl who actually killed someone using a screwdriver is incapable of the genius crime until she is a black adult? what kind of weird jokes are coming the US? Do they can’t try her as herself? If they do then they may have some restrictions towards carrying out the full wrath of the law in her? I have questions that need answer on this case. I’m yet to fully grasp the reason for the decision taken.

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