Nurse caught with a wrapped new born standing in wait by the road side in Onitsha


This nurse was caught with a new born, possible less than a day old baby all wrapped up and standing by the road side waiting for a woman. According to the narrator, this has become a norm in Eastern Nigerian State Onitsha Anambra, where a mother will be told that her baby is either dead or a still born, stolen by an invisible thief, or with a different gender than the initial thought of the baby. Now passersby have seen this young nurse and a baby, and concluded that a baby that new born, has no business being found outside the hospital without clothes and only wrapped up in a wrapper held by the nurse of a hospital. This is a disturbing school of thought because no one knows how many times they have successfully done this, and no one knows what they have been using these newborns for. I guess one day is for the owner and today is that day, because she has been caught and she is not making sense with her explanation to the growing crowd of passersby. I hope she does not become a victim of jungle justice since the crime is highly offensive to women who happen to make up a high population of the crowd of passersby drilling the nurse.

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