Chandelier Mama #Sia reveals she has adopted two teenage boys


Our soothing voice mama Sia, is revealing that she has adopted two teenagers from a foster care. Not wanting to go through an adopted teenage girl tantrum, so she went for the boys.

What she however added to the reason for their adoption was that the boys were becoming hopeless as they were aging out of foster care. A situation where they are considered to be approaching independence and will now have to go on their own through life.

According to movies and books, it seems to be a very scary and time for the children in foster care. They all hope to get adopted into a nice family by caring parents. But with the economy and other options open for families these days to have kids, foster kids are not getting as much attention as they use to and it scares them.

This could be basically due to he fact that these foster kids come with their own baggage to the new homes, be it trauma both physical, emotional, mental and paranormal and most parents get stressed after extending their hands of love to these kids, and they go as far as running away.

So if this beautiful star wants to show love and hope to a pair of them, it is a very beautiful and strong decision. Well done Sia..

Oby Oriji

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