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#Shhmoney : #CristianoRonaldo becomes a sports billionaire


With everyone being a billionaire in all other aspect of the hustle, it is only fair that the sport guys get theirs as well. While many have wondered why kicking a rubber ball around a grassed field will get them this intensity of Fame and wealth, they don’t know that they are even getting more famous, and richer.

Father of four Juventus Talisman Cristiano Ronaldo, is said to have become the third Sportsman in the whole world right behind his predecessors Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather jr to have earned the whopping sum of $1bn in his sports Career.

Thanks to the brand that is CR7, he exclusively earned about €100m only in 2019, but in his career, he is expected to reach the $1bn club in 2019-20, even with the three-month pay cut at the Bianconeri.

Only Barcelona star Lionel Messi earned more than Ronaldo last season, but the fact that the 35-year-old has almost played 18 seasons of professional football helps him become the first-ever footballer to reach $1bn during his career.

Business Insider also reports that Roger Federer will become the first billionaire in tennis this year.

Only golf and boxing champions have reached numbers that level of the active players, whilst basketball legend Michael Jordan is the third member currently in the club.

They say hard work does pay, but how much hard work is enough hard work? It is always nice to see people’s efforts pay in various ways. congratulations to them and the ones who are about to become billionaires.

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