34 year old #LittlewomenLA star Ms. Minnie passes away from a sustained 'hit and run' injury | Oby Oriji Blog

34 year old #LittlewomenLA star Ms. Minnie passes away from a sustained ‘hit and run’ injury


The little women TV star who was part to the Little Women LA before her death, is said to have succumbed to a serious injury she sustained from a hit and run accident.

While the road of point of the hit and run is not being mentioned, it is expected that this would have been added to the story, so the person responsible may know he or she had killed this young soul.

Being a little woman, it is the obvious that the body can not withstand someone the horrors placed ok it. And now that this individual who hit get and ran away is still at large, it is only fair that the place where this happended should be made public. May her soul rest in the perfect peace of the Lord.

It is said that the series of hit and run for the little persons is now increasing by the day. Is someone intentionally trying to hit and run all little before behind a steering wheel? this is actually not the very first of then to be going through this, but this tike again, the injuries were said to be more serious than others, which led to her death.

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