Military Sabotage: #NigerianArmy redeploys Major General seen in leaked viral video bitterly complaining about lack of arms and ammunition to fight #BokoHaram in Borno


The more you see the less you understand huh? You bring a hidden, disturbing, and unsettling issue tot he public and the military will punish you for it. Tell me that this arm doesn’t know what is going on with them? tell me that the lack of arms and ammunition is not intentional.

You think you are going to fight for your country and it’s peace of mind, not knowing that your country has drastically reduced your chances, sold your soul, fold their arms and smiling while you go on a suicide journey.

Just imagine the intensity of horror they are bidding. No equipment to fight the insurgence, yet the insurgence gets what they want ranging from hard currency to arms and ammunition. The more you see, the less you damn well understand.

Oby Oriji

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