#Covid19: With Death rate in Italy now the highest so far, Italian with first #Coronavirus in Nigeria makes full recovery


After concealing his identity and commencing treatment on him for weeks, the Italian with the first covid19 case in Nigeria makes full recovery, as he is set to return home. But with home now much scarier than he left it, will this Italian insist and go back to what is now a hot covid zone, or will he move out of the quarantine center into a private apartment for the time being.

With flights from 13 Countries including Italy banned, it is normal to assume that the recovered man will take a rest here in Nigeria, to watch events at home from here. But with ring on his finger, he is a husband and possibly a father who will be worried being in a safe zone, while his family is seating out there in the Coronavirus burning furnace of Italy. God have mercy on the world.

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