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#Covid19: Italy turns to God for help after losing control of the battle


Let us pray for Italy and the World we live in.

Dear God,

In whom all humanity and entity recognise and reverence. I am not typing on behalf of Italy and the world because I am holier than they are, I have not consistently made you proud or impressed you by keeping to all the commandments, and for that I deeply apologise.

Please Lord, we recognise the dept of our transgression and how far human beings have taken you and your ultimate powers for granted. Please Lord, we are not worthy to stand before and against you for any level of fight or power tussle. You are God, and nothing can change that.

Therefore Lord, please recognise that your are dealing with an inferior opponent in this fight. Forgive us our horrible horrible sins. Human beings are yours, so please remember the Love you have for us even right now as you turn away your face and let this creeping virus deal with us. With a turned away face, do recall that You do love humans.

Please take this cup from us, Please let your wrath be calm at this point. Please have mercy on the world,, Please.. We are sorry. You are dealing with your own kind, please find it in your heart to let go of the anger. Human Nature is nothing without you and you know it. Thank you for reminding the world that you are still and will always be the ONE in charge . Please help Italy survive this, you alone knows how far their transgressions run, so you alone can forgive. We are pleading with you. The souls that have been lost to this fight 💔 should please calm the anger in you.

You are the most high, you are the most magnificent, Generations to generations will never cease to recognise your awesomeness. Please take this cup from us. We are so deeply sorry. Forgive the world, forgive Italy, forgive humanity.

Oby Oriji

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