#VanessaBryant shows off the strength of her 7months old #daughter | Oby Oriji Blog

#VanessaBryant shows off the strength of her 7months old #daughter


When Daddy leaves, he hands over mummy to the grown kid/s. “take care of mummy, take care of her, do not stress mummy” they seldom say. This may not be the case of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, but the babies are now getting the order from beyond to occupy mummy with love and strength she very well needs now.

Her Adorable 7 months old daughter Kobe Bryant aka koko, is showing off so much strength for her age. The curly head now Being able to stand up with such force and energy is a good sign meant for every baby to prepare for their great first step.

when her family of six is now suddenly a family of four, she is in the company of family and friends, and they are helping her build up a new way of living and leading the family to a greater height even without their official head. Her daughter who is even alit bugger than she is, is going to be an assistant mummy to the rest of the kids.

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