#Shocking: 1,400 pounds of #sharkfins intercepted in #Miami Airport


The people who are constantly going after all these wild animals are just as weird as the actually market that purchase it. Could it be that there is a delicacy for shark fins? Is there a part of Miami where they consume this cuisine? Come in here Miami men and women and help clarify this new one.

Formular1 Star Lewis Hamilton was devasted to learn the news so much so that he reposted it on his Instagram handle.. With the market value being estimated at a whopping $1million in the market.

When you take out the fin of a shark, it is basically handicapped. Then you either kill it, or leave it to die slowly and become a prey to other stronger aquatic animals. Do you know what it actually means to have 1400 pounds of only shark fins? then you should wonder how many sharks must have sacrificed their find for this..

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