#Millajovovich gives update on her baby’s health progress


Reposted from @millajovovich Poor baby Osian has been having a hard time kicking her jaundice since she was born, but finally we got it under control enough to take her home with a “Bili Blanket” which uses blue light to break down the bilirubin antibodies in her blood.

It has a ventilator attached through a tube so it doesn’t overheat which was a bit scary at first, but now I’m used to it i suppose. I wish sunlight was enough, but because of our blood type incompatibility sunlight alone won’t help her😕.

Here is a pic that the awesome @chrissbrenner took of what our situation is at the moment. I mean apart from the blue blanket, I could stay like this forever! Laying around in my pj’s all day long nursing a sweet little tiny baby! It’s literally heaven for me.

All the time I think that I’m living the best days of my life right now, while these kids are still little! There is nothing better, having them all around us. Spending our days together.❤️❤️❤️

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