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Happy beautiful 20th #Birthday to #Yarashahidi


Our girl is growing up way too fast, it I do say so myself. Black-ish, Grown-ish and adorable-ish star Yarashahidi, has finally turned 20 years today 10th Feb 2020. The child actress who is now becoming a full blown adult had spent so much time in our very eyes, going from being the most adorable 🌟 to be behold on my TV, to a super stylish young lady, a whole force to reckon with, but only just turning 20 years. Who would have thought she can have this much impact on the youths and their entire choice of looks, and perception when she wasn’t even 20 yet?

The adorable actress has had such a beautifully long movie life so far, with many more to go.

And is really the young face of the industry with her mixed race look that comes from her black and Iranian heritage, channeling her black hair vibe, and a whole mood.

She is getting all the birthday messages from her Co-stars aka movie sister, fellow Hollywood actresses, fans and friends. Happy birthday Yara.

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