Disturbing: #Stripper breaks jaw and teeth after taking a #shocking fall from #clubpole | Oby Oriji Blog

Disturbing: #Stripper breaks jaw and teeth after taking a #shocking fall from #clubpole


When they say occupational hazard, most people will think theirs is the worse just because it is about staying back in the office after closing hour. These self employed and entrepreneurs go through hell and back.

I have seen a video of a lady stripping in a music video, and she fell from the pole and right away continued her duty in the video, even though hers was a padded floor.

This disturbing case is one of a lot higher pole, a lot more crowd and then a solid floor. This lady conquered the pole from the bottom to the very top of it, lost her grip at the very top, and took a disturbingly fast fall from there and landed horribly on the floor.

Many are calling her professional for continuing to twerk right after she landed. This could have been a case of adrenaline rush keeping her numb, even after breaking her jaw and teeth. It could be again, that her money is tied to finishing the show/shift.

After receiving treatment and seeing that the video had gone viral, she decided to update the world on her current condition, and it is hurtful to see her in that state. I pray she gets a quick recovery.

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