#China shows gratitude to medical practitioners tirelessly treating #Coronavirus Victims in #Wuhan | Oby Oriji Blog

#China shows gratitude to medical practitioners tirelessly treating #Coronavirus Victims in #Wuhan


People really don’t know what level of guts it requires to have someone volunteer to treat people who are carrying a deadly disease that is likely to infect the Doctor or nurse doing the volunteering.

Imagine being the one to administer drugs to the sick and dying citizens. God bless the doctors and nurses. The fact that it is their occupation or even a career, doesn’t mean they are willing to die for it.

In the midst of her health crisis and deaths, China is showing gratitude to the nurses and doctors fighting this illness and trying to savage what ever it is they can, even as the disease persists.

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China is paying tribute to the incredible, tireless heroes fighting coronavirus on the frontline in Wuhan by sharing these stark images on social media. These exhausted nurses have been left with sore marks on their skin from wearing tight face masks and goggles for 12 hours straight to protect themselves from the deadly virus. Many hospital workers are understood to be so exhausted they have been spotted sleeping on the floors of hospitals in full protective gear until their next shift. .

Here’s to these everyday heroes, fighting to keep China and the rest of the world safe from the deadly disease. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ“· People’s Daily, China.
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