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#Yarashahidi finally reacts to the #Iran – #US Saga


from @yarashahidi
As a young Iranian-American with family in Iran, the news which has inundated us in the past week has felt overwhelming and divisive. I know that I will never fully understand the socio-politics playing out, even with what I’ve learned from history books and biographies.

Regardless, what I do know for certain is that I mourn for all of the lives lost and halted by the events of the past week; for the many whose urge and desire for peace is caught in the crosshairs of governments; for my Iranian community who aren’t finding support in their global community and whose culture is being reduced to the actions of few in order to justify conflict.
War is not the answer and the fact that it is even being entertained is frightening. 🇮🇷 – #regrann

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