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#Train headed for Abuja gets attacked by #Bandits in Kaduna State


Seems the new year is bringing in some form of desperation and lack of funds in the North part of Nigeria. Though with brokage being a very perculiar part of January, one would think the South will show more desperation than the North, since the North is considered a more content and less money driven side of the country. With Kaduna being a Northern Nigeria state, it was assumed that they will not exhibit such behaviour. But then again, they did.

Today Thursday the train was said to have been attacked at the northern state. As the train headed for Abuja was attacked near Katari village in Kagarto Local Government Area of Kaduna State .The bandits has guns in their possession as they were siad to have really destroyed part of the train.

With the south generating much income of the country, one would think trains and other mode of transport would be directed towards the South. But it was rather taken to the North where they are now being destroyed and attacked. This is what you get.

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