Rumours have it that #Gigihadid and #Zaynmalik are back together | Oby Oriji Blog

Rumours have it that #Gigihadid and #Zaynmalik are back together


After the long break form each other, these two love birds seem to have definitely lack the ability to stay away from each other. While she is said to she been seen by #justjared with Zayn celebrating his 27th birthday. She was said to have been seen in the same outfit for her mother’s birthday.

With both of them from a similar background, it is understandable that they bond on that, because they are not letting go of each other.

Now just because they were seen together doesn’t mean that they are back together. it could even be that they are now good friends instead of being scorned Exs. You know how these Exs behave, saying they are now just friends, but doing something sweet to each other behind closed doors.

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