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#Jeffreestar finally confirms his #breakup from boyfriend Nathan.


34 years old Wealthy YouTuber and Cosmetics creator Jeffreestar, has confirmed his breakup from his 26 years boyfriend of five years Nathan. The two who have been inseparable since being together for five years now.

They have both dealt with the business side of life, the luxury side of the travels, the YouTube videos, the cosmetics and the checks, a new house they just moved into, and now the sad part is the breakup.

While Enews announced it days ago, Jeffree is only just now confirming it with a YouTube video. I mean, if love is gone, then money mustn’t be gone, it has to be made instead.

I mean who would want to leave Jeffree? the dude makes all the money you can think of, buys luxury cars and houses and is freaking famous for crying out loud. What could have been the problem between these lovebirds? Well It is what it is.

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