It is a "Get along #2020" year for #jheneaiko and Ex #Bigsean | Oby Oriji Blog

It is a “Get along #2020” year for #jheneaiko and Ex #Bigsean


If every Ex in this world can get along like some, then it is something we will all live up to. Even though before you assume you have forgiven your Ex and ready to be his/her Friend instead of his enemy, you have to ask yourself “Why exactly did I shave my pubs”

Exactly. You heard right. when you decide to be friends with a person you still have feelings for, but has decided not to be with you, you have to tell yourself the truth. Are you ready to be friends ? As in real friends?no strings attached, not friends with benefit, not intercourse friends who have decided to lie to themselves and hide what they are doing with the world.

So whatever the case maybe, we hope they are Atleast at peace with each other.

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