In #Honour of the Nigerian #Armed #Forces remembrance day, Oyo State #Governor pays his respect


The handsome Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, Has participated full time in the Armed Forces remembrance day being marked today 15th January 2020. Being that the Nation is currently in its state of Fights and killings, from fighting Boko Haram, to everyother thing, including the one time the new baby soldiers blocked the road and asked the civilians who they are disrupting their movement to do their worse.

we are still remembering them today for all the sacrifices, all the unwanted deaths, all the sadness and loneliness that they have had to experience and endure due to staying far away from their loved ones.

With the sense of protecting the country being placed upon their shoulders, and they feeling the need to stand in-between the terrorists and the people, and then being manipulated by those they look up to.

Oby Oriji

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