Here is a tip of the #Iceberg of what #MeghanMarkle goes through as a #Duchess | Oby Oriji Blog

Here is a tip of the #Iceberg of what #MeghanMarkle goes through as a #Duchess


If you watch closely at the caption by this famous website, on a very very similar issue between Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, you will see that this lady goes through alot that we all can never know.

The hidden ones, the ones she has had to smile upon due to the gravity of her role as a duchess.

This website referring to two Pregnant duchesses with such extremities, will be teach you just how much disdain they have for an ordinary girl. Not sure why that was even necessary since every pregnant woman clutches to her bump for comfort or soothing.

Meghan can never explain to us what she is personally going through that may have caused them to decide to go solo. She is basically being trolled by everyone who can

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