friends family and Fans perplexed as Tamela #Mann drops a whopping #50pounds #weight | Oby Oriji Blog

friends family and Fans perplexed as Tamela #Mann drops a whopping #50pounds #weight


The decision to go, to continue and to push through, can only come from you. when you decide something is worth your time and energy including your money, then only then will you decide to push through. The cast and matriarch of the #Mannsworld reality show Tamela is now announcing how seriously she has taken her weight loss journey and even went ahead to conquer her fear and meeting up even exceeding her expectations. She has lost 50 pound. Congratulations 🎉🎉 are in order for the mum and grandmum.

from @davidandtamela – My @WW journey wouldn’t have been the same without all of you, so I’m really excited to share my big news with everyone! I’ve lost 50 pounds with WW! All of the support I’ve received from my family and friends and the WW coaches, has made this possible. But I’m still going and the new myWW program is helping me continue this healthy lifestyle. The new myWW program was designed to take your eating habits & daily life into account to match you with a plan suited best for you! I took the assessment and I’m #TeamBlue 💙! I know the Blue plan will help me reach my next goal. Have you taken the assessment? What color are you? Join me at and let me know your color in the comments below! #ad #wellnessthatworks #wwambassador

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