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Fans perplexed by #Adele ‘s #Sirtfood diet result


What do you know about the sirtfood diet that Adele and made very famous. She has lost so much weight, and we are not at all in a haste to end this sight we all love.

while some have expressed their dissatisfaction, stating that they love their Adele on the big side, and that a skinny Adele will need some getting use to. She decided after her divorce filing last September to go healthy and clean right up.

Reposted from @nude_nutritionist – Oh, the Sirtfood diet is the latest celebrity fad diet trend… I went on @channel9’s @thetodayshow to provide the low down on this diet! Check out the link in my profile if you want to watch the full video (available in Australia only – sorry!) If you can’t watch the video, here are my thoughts. Diets don’t work! Especially not calorie counting. Best thing to do is just focus on eating plenty of healthy plant foods instead of drinking weird smoothies/juices and eating foods you don’t like. When it comes to healthy eating, it’s all about enjoyment…. You MUST enjoy everything you eat otherwise you’ll get bored really quickly. When you ask yourself the question, “Can I do this for the rest of my life?” you should be able to respond “YES!!!” – #regrann

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