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Extreme #Canadian #Temperature begins startling #Nigerian #Migrants


Before you commence reading this, pray for your relatives in Canada as they wakeup to snow shut doors. The Nigerian migrants to Canada have had a little or nothing to complain about knowing fully well that the country is simply an Iceland. But when this however changed when they woke up to their doors and cars buried feets of snow, it gave them a cause to worry, especially the new migrants.

Those who are experiencing their first January in Canada are watching on with dropped jaws. But then again are they forgetting who they are? Despite being black are you in anyway expecting someone to remind you of the fact that you are a Nigerian? You have survived way worse situations, so this is nothing compared to what you have overcome as a Nigerian.

So get creative and survive this as well. Get to work, get to the mall, get to where to meet to get to. If the owners of that land are getting by, be a good son/daughter of the Nigerian and Canadian soil and get by. Long live the Federal republic of Nigeria, Long live Canada and long live those who persist and persevere. Live and thrive, Live and strive, Live and fly.

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