Dino Melaye shows off his #sittingroom while declaring himself God's personal project. | Oby Oriji Blog

#DinoMelaye shows off his #sittingroom while declaring himself God’s personal project.


No body boldly,religiously, and publicly enjoys money without an accountable source like a Nigerian politician. They are always praising God for their money, yet no one knows how they got it.

As a politician in Nigeria if a proper tabling is done for every penny or Kobo spent, a proper accounting is down for every 💰 used by a public office or officer, then there will be an endless list of people to go away for a lifetime, and only the toddlers of this country will be pure and unaffected with corruption enough to take the president’s seat, and judge others.

But because something like this is not only a problem in Nigeria, it is a world wide problem. it is said that , you are only sorry when you are caught.

The other day we saw Mr Melaye’s garage with a hand full of very expensive cars and Nigerians were clamouring for a probe. But who is probing who? The idea died a natural death.

Now again, he is showing off his sitting room, but with no one knowing his source of wealth in a country as poor with such a high number of starving population, he is calling himself ‘God’s PERSONAL PROJECT’ Ladies and Gentlemen, Behold. I will like to know what other business this man does other than being a senator of the Federal republic of Nigeria.

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