Boyfriend to #Whitneyhouston 's daughter #KristinaBrown dies at 30 | Oby Oriji Blog

Boyfriend to #Whitneyhouston ‘s daughter #KristinaBrown dies at 30


With a trend of sadness going right on in this line of relationships, its been said that yet another death has occurred in relation to the Whitney Houston’s baby girl case.

According to Usweekly, Nick Gordon who was involved in the circumstances of Whitney Houston’s daughter’s coma/drug overdose .

Though the issue was a bit complicated, it was suspected that he had a thing or two to do with the issue, buy it could not be proven. He was discharged and acquinted but the family of Whitney don’t feel like justice was served.

After all that time gone, with a movie made about Kristina Brown, we are now finding out that the said young man has passed on just recently at the young age of 30.

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