Adedamee #overwhelmed with messages after revealing she is willing to help pay #schoolfees 3 children of any #singlemother | Oby Oriji Blog

Adedamee #overwhelmed with messages after revealing she is willing to help pay #schoolfees 3 children of any #singlemother


Alot of people are in need. They may not let you know, and they may never. But when you dig deep down, these women are going through a lot on a daily and only put on the best makeup to blend in just like everyother person. Divorced actress and Ex wife to the recently widower Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh who’s second wife was murdered in the US by an unknown man.

Damilola is starting her 2020 on a very generous note. She has asked that three kids of any single,separeted,divorced or widowed mother anywhere should send in a little about herself so she can pay school fees for three kids. Damilola not expecting this height of turnout, as many women from various African countries and even the US sent in. Groups and pages equally joined in to request help for people they know. The actress has however chosen the three kids, and they are reportedly in school already.

from @adedamee So we’ve put a widower’s 3 children in school, put another lady’s daughter in school (she sent me a video of them getting ready this morning), another lady’s son started school yesterday as well, and a few more will be receiving calls from me today. Pocket money sent to a few more….It’s been such an enjoyable process.”

I must have received over 1,000 messages in 2days. From Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, America…. messages with proof of debts, bills owed, deaths, domestic violence, pictures…. Blogs, Facebook groups have reached out… It’s a hard knock life out there. Some people are REALLY having it tough. It’s been so hard to go through all of them but I’m trying. I honestly wasn’t expecting the response I’m getting.
This is a cause I have taken upon myself. May God give me the strength to reach as many as possible. Dear Single mother, If you don’t hear from me this time, please don’t lose hope. Just keep your eyes on my page as much as possible.
To the people who are offering to contribute, I’ll be letting you know how soon❤️❤️❤️ I haven’t felt this excited about anything in a long time 🙂 – #regrann “

from @adedamee Dear Single Mom,If your child didn’t go to school today because you aren’t able to pay his/her fees, please send me a DM and include your phone number. I’ll be paying 3 children’s school fees this term and by God’s grace, this is only the starting point. Please send me a message only if you are a single mother: Unmarried, Divorced, Separated, or Widowed. Tell me a little about yourself. I’ll pick based on my discretion. Please feel free to tag anyone who you know may need this, and if they aren’t on social media, you may send a message on their behalf.
P.S I will be paying directly into the school’s account.
God bless you “

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