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I know Rihanna, and I know Teyana. I know how extra Robyn can be, but do you have any idea how far and wide TEYANA goes in the extra world of today?

Lately the 29 year old mother of one and wife to Imam Shumpert has been seen in the most comfortable outfits of her life. With and so toned it shines bright for the world to see, you can tell that she isn’t wearing comfortable clothes to hide a bulgy belly or a hanging fupa.

She carefully workouts in ways that sort her for the longest of time even though she is a mother. Now she still wears comfortable clothes where necessary, and gets all kinds of sexy when the need arises.

But for This Christmas, let’s just say Teyana doesn’t wanna join the usual look for the season. She went all out with the concealing look that many are here again to learn from.

Where can someone wear this to? 🙄
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