Nigeria’s Economic Growth Too Slow To Reduce #Poverty, Says #IMF


Seems this country has become a concern to everyone including those who have their own problems to fix, but have not bothered to do so. But amongst these people, the International Monetary Fund is one of them and is the one we just might listen to.

According to it (IMF) the current economic growth in Nigeria is too slow to address the scale of poverty dancing Shaku shaku in the Country.

That is why the governement is very desperate to get money from the people. They said we should go cashless, Nigerians thought for once they were being catered by the governement.Thry went ahead and I’d as they were asked, and then the started to tasking people especially the account holders for transferring and receiving any amount of money using their bank account.

They went ahead to say that the people who are reach enough to transfer N500000 will be charged by the governement. That was stopped by the house, and now governement is going about it in the underground way trying to just sneak up on us and give us the fine to pay when transactions are made.

But what exactly does the Governor do with all the money in form of Tax’s from the country people that have gone quiet dormant.

The IMF boss said to address this, the Nigerian government must diversify the economy from whole dependence on crude and move to things alot better and sustainable like Agriculture.

Oby Oriji

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