#Nigerianrice as #expensive as its imported counterpart could have typically been in #December

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I decided at the end of November and towards the beginning of December to go into the Lagos markets (not all), to do some one on one market survey. This was initiated by the Custom boss who shared his feedback from the impressed farmers without hearing from the consumers . This border closure wasn’t only done for farmers to be happy. So when all the feedbacks are simply coming from the happy farmers, I wonder what drawing board they used to check out all aspect of this action before deciding to go ahead and close the border.

Untill now in this country called Nigeria, there is no agency/body that has been designated the responsibility to monitor, check for updates, and maintain the market prices of goods. Not really even one. Every seller or business person in Nigeria is at liberty to inflate or deflate prices of goods based in what ever mood they find themselves, and the governement doesn’t give a f**k about it.

How can a whole Custom boss decide to brag about the positive feedback his action has brought and only brag the feedback coming from farmers in the country, after closing the border of the whole country where over 200 million humans live? What happened to the feedback of other people from other professions and workline?

The governement of Nigeria seems the forget that there is a very long gap between the farmers and the consumers. The middle men are making so much gain from this act that I am beginning to wonder if the governement is the middle man because, if you wanted to put things in order, you should have taken charge of price tags of goods in the country. So while you country what comes into the country, you equally control who takes advantage of what.

Normally in every December of the year, good have their prices inflated, thereby making life difficult for consumers. While others countries do their giveaways, sell offs, sales, black fridays and more, Nigerians are paying double or more for simple basic goods, and over the years government has not found it worthy of his attention in other to put a stop to this meanness to the common Nigerians. While trying to alleviate poverty shouldn’t this be the first problem to tackle?

Now since the border closure, the rice we have in Nigeria are the local ones (apart from the smuggled ones still on going) produced in Nigeria that isn’t as high in quality as the one imported. Nigerians will ordinarily assume that the cost will be so lowered to accommodate the common man which has been one of the reasons for this border closure in the first place. Now with stones still being found in some of these rice, Nigerians are shocked to note that the amount they are paying for rice at this time of the year, is the same as the amount they would have been paying for an imported rice by this time of the year. This makes defeats the aim of the whole “Assisting the common man”. while the part of improving the economy is according to them working fine, they should look into the part of alleviating poverty.

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