If you cheat on me and think I will be ashamed , you haven't met me -- Toke Makinwa | Oby Oriji Blog

If you cheat on me and think I will be ashamed , you haven’t met me — Toke Makinwa


That girl is not about to dim her shine because you couldn’t keep yourself in a simply place. Don’t come here and try it with Mr TM. She is not about to be bothered.

She posted this without referring to someone publicly, and we know this is bout a relationship and we are not about to pretend it is not. She is clearly sending some guy a message and she knows it.

“If you cheat on me and think I will be ashamed,you haven’t met me, you will carry your cross on your own, you will be the one to shrink and go into hiding or feel ashamed, my glow up will leave you wondering if I ever had a bad day in my life.

You can’t break me self esteem,you did not help me build it. Your selfish actions won’t cost me my peace of mind.”

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