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#Homelessness decreases but worsens in Big Cities of #America.


According to the economist, the myths behind the homelessness in the United States has been revealed and broken down in very clear and understandable terms.

Most imagine the epicentre of the American homeless epidemic to be San Francisco—where there are 6,900 homeless people, of whom 4,400 live outdoors.⁠

what this implielllcabú is that the myths or belief most have had about homelessness is not exactly the way it played out on your mind. Despite the recorded reduction in homeslessness of the United States

But public perception of homelessness is skewed. In New York, there are 79,000 homeless, of whom just 3,700 are unsheltered.⁠

In America’s biggest, most successful cities, homelessness is an acute and worsening condition. Why is this?⁠

probably because people moved into this cities to pursue their dreams only to get there and realize that it isn’t as swift as they thought it would.

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