A pair of identical #twin #Sister have delivered a set of twins.

Really Beautiful

No beauty like the double beauty they say. A set of identical twin sisters Addison and Emma were said to have been born couple of months ago, and they were specially greeted in the delivery room by an older version of themselves. They were welcomed into this wonderful world of give and take by a pair of identical twin nurses named Tori Haward and Tara Drinkage who up untill that time were said to have worked for years in the different delivery rooms, but never gotten the rare opportunity to work the delivery room together until that very day when they came in to welcome their younger version into this beautiful life of Christ. “(Tara and Tori) have become our friends,” the newborns’ father said.

“I look forward to letting the girls know about this one day, and hopefully they’ll get to meet them and keep carrying this thing on. ” maybe the new borns will become two mechanics who will go on to fix the vehicles of the elderly twins. I mean how cool will that be? Ok maybe not mechanics, but probably dentists or business women. well, whatever the girls may decide to be, they will have a stable role model to guide their curiosity through. Be it the twin nurses, friends of the family, acquitances or even their parents. Welcome to the world beautiful girls.

(📸: Piedmont Athens Regional)

Via: CNN

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