The breed of “I don’t eat out” Men Nigerians Ladies are just now Realizing


A new dawn has come for the ladies of the world. A certain egg has hatched and it has pushed out a new type of men in our society. Ladies have now started communicating and the new thing here is, the new breed of men who are known as the “I don’t eat out” are now growing so fast that they are wondering if these men now attend a meeting that they come out with the new line that says “I don’t eat out

New Men Alert

The reason for this is that men don’t want to keep eating out, while women are now loving the idea. They say they don’t eat out because they don’t want to be see as a scrounge who doesn’t like to spend money, and they don’t want to use that opportunity to make a girl cook for them so they can judge her cooking skills.

The judgement women levied upon men for eating out, has now become something the men are judging the women with. While ladies are freeing themselves off the kitchen stress because they are now becoming bread winners who have little or no time, the men are embrassing the kitchen stress because they are becoming less and less or a bread winner. It is a normal thing for a man to eat out while sometimes light make food at home. So when they are sticking it to you that don’t eat out, because very careful with them. Cos they could be hiding from something, broke, or just being a major shrewd.

So dear ladies, when you meet a man, endeavor to find out which one of them he is doing. Ladies are going higher on the ladder of financial responsibility, while men are dropping faster than a meteoroids 🌚🌠🌟⭐

Oby Oriji

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