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Survivors of nuclear attack on #Hiroshima narrate experience to #Pope Francis

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While the world has always wanted to be in the shoes or just experience what these men and women where put through. A people that have been through some very unique things in this life that only they can talk about, and they are indeed talking about it to the one who restores trust to the heart and mind of humans in the name of the Almighty himself.

The Survivors of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima told Pope Francis on Sunday of the “scene of hell” after the bombing, as the pontiff hit out against the use of the weapons.

The pope began his four-day trip to Japan with stops in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, where he paid tribute to those affected by the two bombs dropped by US forces in 1945 at the end of World War II.
In Hiroshima, Francis met several survivors of the attack, who echoed his calls for the world never to forget the atrocity of the bombings.
Yoshiko Kajimoto was 14 years old when the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, killing at least 140,000 people.
“When I went outside, all the surrounding buildings were destroyed. It was dark as evening and smelled like rotten fish,” she told the pope at the Peace Memorial in the city.
Her eyes closed tight and her voice trembling occasionally, she described people “walking side by side like ghosts, people whose whole body was so burnt that I could not tell the difference between men and women.”
“No one in this world can imagine such a scene of hell,” she added, recalling the days of white smoke that hung above the city as the victims were cremated.
Kajimoto found her father three days after the attack, but he died 18 months later from radiation exposure. She told Francis her mother suffered illnesses from the atomic bomb for 20 years, and described her own battles with stomach cancer and leukaemia.

Excerpt from punchnews.

This story has been inexistence for the longest time. According to the stories made from it even before the internet, says that the after effects of that bombing is so strong that it distorted and altered the normal birth of even kids unborn, the genes and DNAs of people who didn’t even witness it, those who weren’t even thought of being conceived a decade to the occurance.

I used to see it as an exaggeration until the internet came and we could browse and read these things for ourselves from the horse’s mouth. Damn.. They have survived it, and still will survive it for years and decades to come. Such a sad result of fight. When they say no one gains from a war, people don’t relate to it until they are faced with one and it is too late to turn back the hands of time.

When Nigerian youths who can’t even withstand the investigations and torture of the police, are clamouring for a war, I just smile and walk away. No one should honour these naive words with a response when next you hear a Nigerian youth who isn’t an Igbo (because Igbos have the latest experience or a war) I don’t know where to start telling them.

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