Men are now more Materialistic and Demanding before marriage than women — Study


The very accuracy of this speech is bringing validation to the heart and souls of women who happen to have been left in a state of confusion for the longest time. Men are now the ones wondering and scouting for how Much a woman makes before they can walk her down the aisle.

Men are sliding down the ladder women are picking up and building their castle with. There are so many disappointing men out there and these women are working their asses off to keep their homes in order, while the men just ghost on them while onyl rendering the function of spermatozoa production. It is good to know that Joro is not bias and is dishing this out the way it should be. Read his very satisfying post below.

Truth be told

from @joroolumofin – A lot of ladies didn’t get married or meet a suitor this year because of their Bank Account Balance and Socioeconomic status.

THE STATE OF RELATIONSHIPS has changed. Men are now more Materialistic and Demanding than women. Years ago, women seemed more materialistic and had a Checklist: A man must have MONEY, A CAR, AHOUSE.Ladies, BREAKING NEWS. Men are no longer interested in a Pretty Face, God fearing woman and Good cook as a primary benchmark for finding a wife. Today’s mans Primary Benchmark is MONEY. Today’s man is interested : (1) In Your fathers surname.(2) Today’s man doesn’t want to hear I’m unemployed.(3) Today’s man wants to know if you have a car, your own place.(4) Today’s man wants a lady who can change his life. This is the main reason why thousands of Beautiful, God fearing ladies are single. So ladies, you’re not hustling for yourself alone anymore. You’re also hustling for men too. This is the new reality

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