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I had 2 million Instagram followers and was broke — Comedian #Blakeitonkway

Blameitonkway aka Titi

from @blameitonkway – I’m only posting this because mental health is so important to me, also YOUR mental health is important to me. and I know sometimes looking at what other people have on social media could in turn affect your self esteem. You see how good someone has it, Their accomplishments, their perfect relationship, how close they are to their families, vacations and perfect careers. Don’t let any of what you see discourage you. Back when I had 2 million followers, I went viral and everything was happening so fast! of course people were reaching out to me for brand deals, I was making good money…But I wasn’t smart with my money though, nor was I smart about the people I chose to be around. I wasn’t entirely focused…fast forward I moved to LA with not much money. But my mindset was different. I built a team from the ground up and kept a good positive energy on me and I carried that energy everywhere I went, which led to more oppurtunities, and many great experiences. Looking at my life now! I’m damn proud of myself and am happy that I didn’t let those many dark moments that I had when I was “Poppin” but not FOCUSED takeover me. The fact of the matter is the more popular you get the more and more pressure comes with that. Comparing yourself, wondering if your doing enough, overthinking everything and just wondering if your good enough. You live vicariously through someone else’s life constantly unhappy about where you are with your life. I’m here to tell you that it’s never too late! Don’t give up on you, and stop comparing yourself to other people’s “perfect” lives. Cause everything ain’t what it seems. 🙏🏾💯

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