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#DJcuppy declares herself a property of #Zlatanibile

Sweeeeeet... #djcuppy

I bet all those times they spent together while rehearsing the #GELATO song has finally paid off. Our Cuppy is just now having the full belly to finally reveal she is a big fan of her fellow singer #zlantanibile by getting a customized familiar saying only heard from zlantan who we believe is not willing to reveal what that like he says in his songs means.

After their #gelato collaboration, we are not so su e what it is turning into, but it is turning into something indeed. Cuppy revealed her hair clip that says the zlantan lines that goes like #kapaichumarimarichopaco

According to her she is hardly home but representing. Not sure if she thinks she is representing Nigeria as a whole, but she is representing that interesting singer. We know babygirl, but representing who exactly? Nigeria or baba?😜

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